so about that name...
aknouen is a Middle English transitive verb, derived from the Old English oncnāwan.
It means "to acknowledge, recognise something as a fact, know, or make".
It's also what happens when an animator named Alex Morgan wants to rebrand their freelance business and realises that all the good URLs/social handles are already taken.
...and now a little about me.
I am a freelance animator and designer based in the charming city of Norwich. I've been producing animation professionally since graduating from the Cambridge School of Art in 2011, with a background in illustration and visual communication.

I'm experienced in many areas of 2D and 3D production, specialising in character animation and motion design. I can advise on what I think your project might require to get the most out of you budget, and quote for individual creative elements.
I can come on board at any stage too - here are some examples of additional services I can provide:
Concept and planning        Script consultation        Style frames        Storyboarding        Animatic production        Audio Editing        Post Production        Subtitles

I am equally at home creating vibrant, elaborate illustrations or clean, modern branding - all of which can fit seamlessly into my animation workflow as required.
As well as knowing my bitmaps from my vectors, I've also found that my experience in branding and marketing helps me get the right message across to an audience:
Graphic design        Illustration        Branding        Infographics        Artworking        Logo and icon design        Digital painting        Social media posts        Image manipulation
In December 2018 I was successful in securing funding through the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership Small Grant Scheme to grow my business and expand into VR animation. This amazing grant is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
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